Chad Bartlett: From Struggling Wholesaler to Living The Autopilot Life​

Chad Bartlett started his real estate career while working long hours as an auto mechanic living in Anchorage, Alaska. Chad was struggling to find a way to quit the 9-5 life so he could spend more time with his growing family. Realizing he had replaced his mechanic's job for a real estate job, Chad decided he needed to put systems in place in order to automate his business so that he could truly have a freedom business.


After hitting rock bottom, he finally started finding ways to replace himself within his real estate investing company. Chad currently runs a successful real estate and education company remotely while living and traveling internationally with his wife and four children.

Chad Bartlett on How To Live Abroad While Running an Investment Company

Chad and his family live in Colombia and works less than 5 hours a week on his virtual real estate business….ya, you read that right.


BUT, it hasn’t always been like this. Listen in to hear all the struggles, failures and strategies he’s used to climb back to the top and be able to move his family around the world while his company keeps turning deals!

Stressed Out & Overworked to Free From Your Business with Chad Bartlett

Chad Bartlett is a real estate investor, mentor, coach, and the owner of The Autopilot Life, a platform that educates and provides programs on how to run a real estate business remotely from anywhere in the world. Before becoming an investor, he was an auto mechanic working long hours and flipped houses on the side. Now, Chad is traveling the world with his family while simultaneously running a successful real estate business and education company.

How One Man Operates His Investment Company from South America

Chad Bartlett has built a true freedom business.  While living in South America, he flips houses in the US with very little of his time and money.

Take a listen to the Ready. Set. Go. podcast to learn how Chad flips houses from another continent in his "spare" time!

The Auto Pilot Life: Time Freedom, Location Freedom and Financial Freedom

Weekly Wisdom #410 - You thought your mornings were tough! WOW!​

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