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Let me ask you this...

What I'm going to share with you will help you to find:

  • The most motivated sellers in your market, on a lean budget, using all the secret hacks I use inside my business every day.

  • All the lists I use, where to find them on the cheap.

  • How I set up my marketing campaigns

  • How I build rapport fast over the phone

  • How I create blueprint for my team to follow so I can pass the marketing on to them

I want you to know is this.


I have found that 95% of all home owners are not motivated to sell at a discount. This training focuses on finding the 5% of sellers who are.


Let me explain to you what "Guerilla Marketing Secrets" is and how it will help you.


I turn on the camera and just let it start filming, raw and uncut liv with you.


I imagine I am tackling a new market and need to find the highest value leads IMMEDIATELY.


I gather the hidden gems of a new market in minutes, and then begin sorting them by highest value and likelihood of motivation.


From there I show you how to begin contacting homeowners, no safety net. No edits. No redos. In real time.


And that's just the tip of the iceberg of what you'll get with "Guerilla Marketing Secrets"


Can you imagine what your business will be like when you have the ability to locate the most motivated sellers in your market at  lightning speed, any time you want (or need to) - instantly?

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So click the button right now to add your name to the Guerilla Marketing Secrets waiting list to hop on my next 6 week LIVE training starting soon.


I guarantee it will help you to find and land more leads fast, on a budget.


Don't miss your chance to find the motivated seller leads faster and easier than ever with live Q and A!


Click the button now.

What To Expect

  • Week 1

    List Building

    Together we go over the top lists and where to find them, this is all about finding the hidden gold in any market.

  • Week 2

    Lead Management

    Week 2 we take the data and scrub and clean it to filter out the best of the best leads. We don’t waste time or money messaging leads with no opportunity for big profits.

  • Week 3

    Building Campaigns

    Week 3 week build out very specific high converting campaigns and find property owner’s contact information using only the best data providers.

  • Week 4


    Now that we have the best campaign and highest likelihood of success in reaching potential sellers, now it’s time to reach out to them! You’ll discover my exact process for reaching sellers fast!

  • Week 5

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